Telegram Service Is Now A History In India

Who Received Last Telegram In India?

Who Received Last Telegram In India?

163 year old Telegram service came to end by yesterday night 9’o clock and from now ‘Telegrams’ are permitted to Museums while the word Telegram will find its way in History. In that case, who is the last person in India to get a Telegram will be always someone special.

For generations, it is Telegram that sent good and bad news to people in India during times we are not connected with cell phones, emails and land line phone connections. With the last Telegram counter getting closed at 11.45 pm last night in Janpath, New Delhi, one person named Aswini Mishra sent a last telegram to Congress president Rahul Gandhi and DD News director general SM Khan. Telegram services were started in 1854 for public use by British East India Company. With advanced technology hitting the country, these services have eventually faded into oblivion.

One who used to Telegram services during the good olden days have felt nostalgic about the telegrams they received during those days. Anyways, the farewell to Telegram is also over and ‘history’ now!




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