Mahesh 1 movie In Trouble !!!!!!!

1 Nenokkadine

Luck doesn’t seems to be on the side of Mahesh babu, having scored a super hit with dookudu and average in the form of business man ,his films are finding difficult to complete in the mean time . sukumar who is talented  director finding uncomfortable to direct mahesh due to creative problems with hero and producer lot of reshoots are happening .it is to be believed that only 60% of film is completed still 2 shedules are pending .budget limit for this project is 35 crores but already 20 crores excess is happend .till now 55 cr have been spent and we can imagine another 20 crores for remaining 40% of shoot. total of 75 crores is going to spent for this dimensional project .film should not only become hit but it should collect above 75 crores to bail the producer.seeing the record of mahesh it looks impossible although moviemahal wishes sukumar a good luck


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